Yiyi Art Education School is a great training institution for models of all ages, from kids to young adults. It is also a school for all kinds of professional training

Beautiful Street Dancing

It was a lovely day in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China, and there was some beautiful street dancing going on. It was so spontaneous and the dancers were rather lively and energetic!

Stretching To The eXtreme

These lovely boys, they train so hard, stretching themselves to the limits but it's good that it looks like they are in high spirits as they stretch, jump and somersault. They look happy and cute!


SRMC Wrinkle Removal

The revolutionary wrinkle removal device is invented by Dr Justin Kim Youin of South Korea after spending over 14 years of research and development.

SRMC: SRS Treatment – Acne Scar [Removal]

Even when Acne is treated or over after adolescence, very often some ugly scars remain. It is not easy to remove these scars even...
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