The Revolutionary SRMC: Easy Instant Result!

Dr Justin Kim Youin is a great plastic surgeon and inventor with over 23 years of experience in Korea.He opened his plastic surgical hospital (10th floors medical building) in Cheongju, South Korea.

He also established SRMC (SR Medical Device Company), producing automatic plastic laser devices such as SRS (for wrinkle), SRA (for fat burning & lift), SRC (for small young face), SRR (for rejuvenation), SRG (for vaginal contraction), SRP (for massive whitening), SRF (for young face)… SRMC recently produced smart home care small devices such as SRA-H, SRG-H, SRF-H, and many more models.

His inventions are extraordinary and set to change the aesthetic world of cosmetics and plastic surgery because they do not need any surgery. No cuts, no ouch… and the results are instant! Really! Literally! It’s revolutionary and a great welcome to the beauty world. Everyone can look good naturally.

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